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The Wealth Psychology Source

Joan Carroll-Cronin:
Wealth Psychology Consultation and Coaching

Money is complicated. Money invites complexity. In the lives of individuals and families of wealth, money and its uses evoke every human response. Financial professionals who help such clients execute their financial lives face a variety of challenges, such as: barriers in effective communication, inconsistent client commitment to longer-term financial plans or investment strategies, and the potential of emerging conflictual or legal issues. Increasingly, they find that consultation with a skilled and experienced wealth psychology specialist becomes the linchpin of successful client relationships and outcomes, including long-term client retention and client-advisor alliances characterized by trust, loyalty, and integrity. Joan Carroll-Cronin is a consummate wealth psychology resource.

Joan’s mission is to enrich the relationships between clients and their financial and legal advisors, and to enhance the value of their advisory services to these clients. To accomplish this dual objective, she provides two types of service: consultation with financial and legal professionals, and specialized coaching and life planning with their clients. Her broad capacities across domains — the psychology of money and wealth, knowledge of the circumstances particular to individuals and families of significant wealth, and coaching and clinical practices — make her an astute and valuable resource in optimizing advisor-client relationships.

The benefits of working with Joan include:

  • accelerating the development of optimal relationships among clients, their families, and their financial advisors, and
  • promoting in-depth knowledge of the full spectrum of clients’ lives in relationship to financial decision making.

Wealth Psychology Coaching is a process in which a client, with the informed guidance of a skilled coach, identifies a specific and clear vision of the future and implements a plan of action toward that future. An individual’s financial psychology:
(A) drives behaviors such as spending, saving, and investing; (B) impacts his/her identity, relationships, and life purpose; and (C) influences the client-advisor relationship in ways that may be puzzling to the advisor. Joan is your Wealth Psychology Resource for comprehensive clarity in advisors’ work with clients, and mastery of the ABCs.

Consultation with Strategic Partners

Joan Carroll-Cronin is a Wealth Psychology Coach, a specialist in the behavioral psychology of finance, a Registered Life Planner®, and a veteran clinical and financial therapist. As a wealth psychology consultant, she serves as a resource for, and strategic partner with, professionals with fiduciary responsibility, such as:

  • family office: members, appointed advisors, and designated specialists
  • financial advisors working with trust clientele
  • trust officers
  • financial institutions and attorneys serving as trustees for irrevocable trusts
  • estate planners and administrators

Joan also works directly with clients referred by such professionals, using an integrative
approach informed by her backgrounds in psychology, coaching, and finance to help them navigate challenges related to wealth management goals, Life Planning, and/or execution of plans. Examples of such clients include:

  • family office members
  • grantors of trusts
  • beneficiaries of irrevocable trusts, and
  • private investors, among others