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Joan on Life Planning

Life Planning is a highly structured, yet dynamic inquiry — often undertaken during pivotal moments in life — that fuels the discovery and creation of a powerful vision for one’s ideal life, without the constraints of preconceived, entrenched beliefs about money. Life Planning is a journey that inspires courage and heightened creativity, and builds a foundation for implementing one’s financial, social, and intellectual capital in service of one’s life dreams. My coaching services assist you in developing a vision for your life that is compelling, vivid, and highly sustainable; often, this vision becomes the blueprint for a powerful Mission Statement for you, your family, and/or your valued organizations.

Once that vision for your future is clearly established, two types of obstacles may arise. The first type is externally driven, and often includes one’s financial circumstances. Upon request, I provide consultation with your financial and legal advisors, and trustees, to strengthen the alliances among the experts, and to promote maximum effectiveness in aligning your vision for the future with your financial strategies. The outcome of this collaborative approach is a cohesive financial life plan supported by the highest level of expertise among the professional disciplines.

The second kind of obstacle that may emerge on the path toward the realization of one’s dreams for life is psychologically and/or interpersonally driven, and often has more significant impact than any perceived financial barriers. As a Wealth Psychology Coach with a background of 20+ years of clinical practice, I invite clients to engage in conversation and inquiry, within a supportive environment, in order to identify your values, aspirations, successes, and demonstrated strengths. Fueled by your compelling vision for your life, we collaborate to design and implement action plans that address obstacles in various arenas (e.g., relationships, family, career, and health, among others). The creative inspiration of your vision for life encourages you to flourish, and to meet challenges, as you advance toward the fulfillment of your most cherished dreams.

“Life Planning with Joan . . . one of the more transformative experiences of my life.”
— a grantor

Something ignited in
my soul . . . and I
went my own way,
deciphering that
burning fire

— Pablo Neruda