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Wealth Psychology Consultation and Coaching

Joan Carroll-Cronin brings a rich array of skills and knowledge to her work, both as a consultant to strategic partners in financial advisory and fiduciary capacities, and as a coach serving clients referred by these partners. With deep clinical experience as a psychotherapist and coach, as well as a background in economics and finance, she can quickly and effectively understand complex systems and dynamics, and work collaboratively to develop solutions that succeed. Joan’s engagement with financial professionals and clients is free of bias about the types of advisors with whom people choose to work.


Joan offers wealth psychology consultation to professionals who want, or find that they need, assistance from an expert in wealth psychology. Joan’s contributions will:

  • strengthen the advisor-client relationship and promote
    long-term client retention, engagement, and loyalty

  • facilitate communication, initiate inquiry, enhance collaboration, and build trust among advisors, clients, and families

  • deepen the financial professional’s understanding of the psychological dynamics of the relationships and the business of wealth preservation in family offices, including matters of governance, philanthropy, and legacy

  • provide solution-focused strategies and interventions for complex issues within family systems involving grantors, trustees, and beneficiaries of trusts


  • foster positive, collaborative relationships and expedite progress in family meetings

  • clarify the nature of obstacles, initiate problem solving, and identify effective strategies for positive outcomes

  • accelerate the understanding and effective management of client risk

  • catalyze conflict resolution

  • reduce litigation risk, both broadly, and directly via mediation

  • demonstrate financial or legal advisors’ care for clients by including, in the advisors’ service offerings, access to a wealth psychology and coaching specialist

Joan also provides direct services to individuals or families who may want or need Wealth Psychology Coaching, Life Planning, or other services, as described below.


Financial and legal professionals also make referrals to Joan for adjunct, direct-to-client services, such as Wealth Psychology Coaching, Life Planning, or assistance with navigating important life transitions. These services benefit clients through achievement of greater clarity about their values and life goals, including the special challenges and responsibilities known by individuals of significant wealth. These services may also be appropriate when:

  • clients would like to explore more deeply or comprehensively their goals and dreams for their lives, and/or those of their families

  • clients wish to expand their knowledge of resources and gain further insight into their plans for legacy, philanthropy, and estate planning

  • clients are managing life transitions or challenging circumstances, including: changes in family configuration, inheritance, concerns related to health and wellness, or personal gains and losses

  • individuals are challenged by interpersonal or familial issues related to wealth management, and seek assistance in clarifying and prioritizing goals for various areas of their lives or in sorting out the relationships among their financial lives, personal histories, and current circumstances

  • the financial or legal professional recognizes that a life event or psychological challenge confronting a client requires specific expertise outside the professional’s domain

  • safety, liability, or confidentiality issues have emerged or have the potential to emerge

Working with Joan

Consultation with Professionals

Consultation may be conducted by telephone, live, or via videoconference (e.g., Skype). Please note that meeting live is almost always necessary for family meetings. Although Joan is based in New England, she is available to travel to more-distant locations; please inquire.

Direct Work with Clients

Wealth Psychology Coaching
Coaching may be conducted by telephone, via videoconference, or live.

Life Planning
The first session of Life Planning work is done live or by videoconference. Subsequent sessions may be conducted by telephone or videoconference.

Financial Therapy
For inquiries about Financial Therapy, please visit Joan’s clinical psychotherapy website:, and contact her directly.